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Finest Esports club in Richmond

Whatever your passion, practice it at our esports club. We have professionals participating across a wide range of esports videogames and our expert coaches are always available to offer technical advice to help you improve your gameplay and have fun! Whether you’re an established professional player, or just starting to venture into the realm of esports, we’re sure you’ll find an something to your liking at 604 eSports. We're located in Richmond, and you can get in touch on +16044469586 if you have questions about us.

Our Range of Esports

Our teams compete in some of the most popular titles in the FPS, MOBA, and other competitive gaming categories. We offer practice sessions and scrims with other teams, over the weekends and throughout the year.If you’re looking for a team to join full time or simply want to polish your gaming skills, get in touch online or over the phone to discuss our calendar. Our prices are incredibly competitive, and you’ll love the inclusive atmosphere.


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